About Me

Liesel Albrecht
The Retreat Specialist
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I am passionate about people walking the path of their destiny. This is because for such a long time I was lost - lost in a place that made me feel like Alice in Wonderland. I didn't know what path I was taking and I couldn't see any way out.
A sad marriage, then dodgy relationships, a tsunami and an almost tragic accident showed me that life was too short to be trapped, that I had to make the decision to find who I was again.
This meant 4 aha moments and a life-changing journey or two - 
Vietnam Rainbows, The Grand Canal, Istanbul and The Trevi Fountain
Moments and places that changed my life.
 A solitary adventure with my two sons in Asia for three months, many said I was brave or crazy,
but while I was there I found me again.
And then my life changed.
I remembered the girl that was inside of me, the girl who was full of love, wonder and yearning, and the one whose goals included travel. And so I started the journey to the new me - I had a new inner peace, the love of a man who loved me without conditions, and I could finally be the mother I knew I was.
I knew I was whole.
I knew I was at peace.
It was then that I could make a decision to take a leap of faith, one that had me leaving the only career I had ever known because I wanted others to see the beauty within them, to travel the path that made them feel whole and connected and at peace.
So a yearning to run retreats on a bigger scale and show others how to as well was born - my 22 plus years of experience in running summits, conference and leadership retreats mixed with my passion for travel and taking others away on amazing holidays evolved into The Retreat Specialists.
I love that I get to do the thing I am meant to be here to do. Through Retreats, I get to support women to walk the path of their destiny. To step them from the ordinary to the extraordinary where, just for a moment, they get to totally reconnect with who they are and who they want to be and once that connection is made the ripple effects are long-lasting.
I am a woman of conviction, passion, and knowledge.
I am Liesel Albrecht - The Retreat Specialist and this was who I was born to be.