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Dear leaders, consultants, facilitators, entrepreneurs, business owners and those looking for a new place to refresh, renew and reset,
Here we are in October, many of us sitting amongst the Covid Blues where we have experienced a year of upheaval, change and most of all the unknown.
Everyone has reacted differently - some of you have had to pivot your core business, others of you have suddenly had their 'other halves home' while you are trying to work and home school all in the one breath. The way you have run your business and what you planned for 2020 was thrown out the window.  For so many women it has been chaos where, like in the past, we have just grinned and bared it - because we know that eventually, this will be over.
What then happened was we became quieter, frustrated and at times lost our voices, we don't want that to happen this time.
For those of you that know me, know that I am pretty centered, rational and have BIG dreams. Ones where I am up and down to the city, flitting overseas, running retreats, visiting facilitators and hotels. In February I ran my biggest retreat ever with Elizabeth Gilbert as our keynote speaker. She spoke about the importance of relaxing and that a powerful woman is a relaxed woman - wouldn't that be nice I wished for and bamm it was granted through a world pandemic - not exactly the relaxed I wished for. Suddenly I was home without a timeline to plan retreats and adventures for all of us. What then happened was I slipped into a routine of sleeping late, not doing much and watching the news for the light at the end of the tunnel - some days I was motivated and pre-planning, and other days I would sit comatosed watching Netflix and Tik Tok on the couch. This was a state I was not used to, and I worried that it was only me feeling this and seriously considered going to my trusted GP to see if I was depressed.
Which, if I am honest, scared the life out of me!!!!!!
But then I realised I wasn't the only one and talking about it on a Facebook Live I had 73 inboxes in the coming week and a ton of comments thanking me for being brave and talking about how I wasn't coping all that well - and from this, the name Covid Blues was born. I breathed a sigh of relief that this wasn't just me that there were so many others feeling the same way.
I knew I had to do something that would not only support me in my journey but also include you as well if I could and what has evolved is something beautiful that we can refresh, renew and reset through - a series of retreat type workshops that can open our eyes to different ways of thinking and I thank my friend Terrie Sanders for getting in contact, coining the name Lounge Chair Chats and allowing me to dream beyond lockdown and social distancing to create something beautiful from this chaos.
Lounge Chair Chats are a series of workshops - usually three over three weeks that give you some space to learn something new, to grow and most of all connect with women who understand. I don't know about you but for me, these informal chats seem like a perfect way to understand how I was feeling and different ways to respond moving forward.
So let us begin and tell you about us, and what this is all about,
With love
CEO and Founder of The Retreat Specialists PTY LTD
PS - these are some of the things you might be feeling if you are anything like me:
  • I feel like I am going nowhere fast

  • I am not getting things done

  • I can’t see a way through when the odds seem to be stacked against me

  • There’s too much change

  • It’s just really hard to keep going with so much uncertainty, change, unpredictable times.

  • It feels too much for my brain to handle.

  • It’s hard to keep my head straight to find answers.


How it all works

While we might not be on a tropical beach right now and feeling some, or all of the things listed above let me share some of the details with you so you will know what we will experience, feel, and walk away with during our time together.

From the comfort of your own home via zoom - or at my place if you live in Gippsland we will link up for -

  • Dates are Thursday - 19th & 26th of November and 3rd December, 2020.

  • 10am AWST, 12pm AEDT, 1pm AEDT and 7pm LA time.

  • Join us - Terrie and Liesel for 3 sessions of Lounge Chair Chats, where you will learn in a relaxed environment. - How we create our MOOD, how we SET the quality of our MIND SET, and how to harness fresh thinking to GET THINGS DONE.

  • The Sessions have been set up that you can be sitting in your comfortable lounge chair with a nice hot cuppa, in your lounge clothes, pyjamas, whatever is comfortable for you, and listen and learn along with us.

  • We will connect for 3 x 1.5hr Live Sessions of Lounge Chair Chats, along with Q&A Sessions during the three group workshops.

  • 2 x post-session podcasts emailed to you to listen to between sessions at your leisure.

  • A Private Facebook page and email to post questions and realisations. 

  • Facebook lives to talk about some of the 'stuff' in between our Lounge Chair Chats

  • Access to Terrie's Mind Focus Matrix to identify your own mindset tendencies. Which will give you access to a new way of thinking. T

Do those inner voices whisper some of these things like they where in my head 

I would rather curl up on the couch than face the mess that I feel my business is right now

I feel like I am on my own with no help in sight

Because my income has changed I can’t afford to pay for help

I don’t want to change what I already had and yet everyone else seems to have pivoted and doing fine

I can’t shut my mind down how do I get through this?

How do I still manage to function when all I want to do is to lay on the couch and watch Tik-Tok or NetFlix?


We want you to know how you will feel

We want to be totally upfront on what it is we hope that you will feel during our time together

  • We want you to feel more confident in your own abilities to elicit productive change when the odds seem against you.

  • That you  have everything you need to find a way through this - that they can be productive again

  • To feel more resilient to rise above unexpected challenges.

  • To be more focused even when your mind is racing.

  • Through the conversations within the group, you will find your grove to feel more productive and reignite the passion for what you do.

  • To be an independent thinker to find a new trail to blaze.

  • To be ready to take action and stop going nowhere fast.

  • That they have everything they need to find a way through this - that they can be productive again

How would you like to feel ending 2020?
What is it you want to be dreaming of, do you want to find ways to be more focused and have a 
stronger mindset and understanding of the bigger picture?

This is what we want you to walk away with

Our goals for you are

  • To have a deeper understanding of human moods and mindset to manage yourself and others easier.

  • To know that you have the ability to navigate challenging times with less stress & struggle, more enjoyable and useful actions.

  • An understanding of your own mindset tendencies as an entrepreneur and where you sit on the Mind-Focus Matrix.

  • An understanding of the mindset cycle of an entrepreneur which includes:

​         - the power of ‘know-nothing’
          - the necessity of realisations
          - the requirement of Insightful Action.

  • What you will learn – is a bit like finding a compass to guide you back to your True North for your mind and business.  

  • Refreshed with insights to get your business back on track.

  • Terrie will lead the performance mindset understandings for you, but together we will be leading the Lounge Chair Chats and from these conversations, there will be a flow through the group for deeper understanding and growth.

We take things in when we are relaxed and clear-minded. 

So let’s start with the relaxed part…to give you a break from zoom and sitting in front of your computer - you DON’T HAVE TO BE SITTING AT YOUR COMPUTER OR HAVE YOUR PHONE IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE.  Turn the volume up, pen and paper at hand and relax with your cuppa and listen along.

Who are Terrie and Liesel

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Terrie’s specialty is in mindset and resiliency to keep walking towards success.
She consults on how to access fresh thinking, realise one’s innate capability to bounce back to happiness, and how these influence productivity.
She started her first company at the age of 23. Her career includes a decade of consulting to large corporations with 26yrs in specialist consulting.
Terrie speaks from experience. In her 30’s she won international gold medals and world records in cycling. At the height of her first career, three happenings changed her world overnight.

She lost her peripheral vision to the point where she had to stop driving. Her major contract with a large company downsized as part of the company restructure. She had just taken on a mortgage for her first house and that was just for starters.

What she gained through these experiences enabled Terrie to develop a body of work attending to the challenges of mindset, coping with change and living in the unknown for entrepreneurs.
She sees with deep clarity the human element. Especially one’s innate abilities and how critical a healthy human understanding is for happiness and success in business and life. Terrie may have limited peripheral sight, yet she is a woman of vision.

Terrie is based in Perth, Western Australia and is

“Author of the book The Big Blue Sky of Happiness & the Big Cloud of Sadness” 


My name is Liesel Albrecht and more often than not I am known as The Retreat Queen, as my business, The Retreat Specialists is all about (clearly) retreats. My draw to run retreats started about 20 years ago when I saw that when people – or more often women – came together something very special happened and that is they connected no matter who they were and this magical setting was created for learning, sharing, and inspiration.
I was a social worker and worked with families on the brink of child protection involvement. Then after a breakdown from burnout and a marriage breakdown due to domestic violence I left almost 6 years ago to create something special and this is how my business and Ultimate Retreat Experiences and The Ultimate Girls Week Away was born, which of course includes teaching and sharing with others how to run their own retreats.

UGWA saw the beginning of a community of women that have come together just to be themselves, to connect and spend some time from their everyday lives
My vision is to create extraordinary experiences that give women from around the globe, permission to be themselves while learning about different cultures, connecting with inspiring female leaders. 

Liesel is based in Traralgon, Victoria, Australia

She is the founder of Retreat School, Ultimate Girls Week Away and Ultimate Retreat Experiences.

Lounge  Chair  Chats Investment


  • Thursday - 19th & 26th of November and 3rd December, 2020 - recordings will be made of all sessions.

  • Registrations close on Thursday 12th of November and we have a maximum of 35 places.


  • 10am AWST, 12pm AEDT, 1pm AEDT and 7pm LA time.


  • $172 AUD - this can be paid in one or two installments.

If this is something you think you would benefit from, or you have more questions then click on one of the links below and we will see you from your lounge very soon.

Terms and Conditions - please read before registering

All three workshops will be recorded and be available each week for the three weeks, you will have access to these for a 12 week period at the conclusion of the program.

There are no refunds after booking your place in Lounge Chair Chats as recordings will be provided to you.

The Retreat Specialists Pty Ltd (Liesel Albrecht) and  Healthy Human Performance Pty Ltd (Terrie Sanders) advise that the information contained in this program is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical, emotional, or other advice. It is recommended that you seek the advice of qualified professionals if you have concerns about your well-being or before you make major professional or financial decisions.